MAI Engineering offers CADD Support to our clients in various ways.  MAI offers redline updating of existing P&IDs, isometrics, loop sheets, one-lines, etc.; and can also simplify existing, crowded drawings.   MAI offers this service via two main pathways.  Our most popular pathway utilizes our secure FTP portal by which clients can upload redlines and electronic drawingfor us to process and return via the same portal allowing cost effectiveness.  The portal then acts as an online transmittal system: redlines, old drawings, and new drawings are in a sense frozen by date and also not ‘lost’ or ‘forgotten.’  Through this pathway MAI is able to process against client CADD standards as needed at an efficient cost.

A secondary pathway is onsite client support where MAI embeds CADD personnel into a client’s facility.  An advantage to onsite support is time effectiveness.  Here is an excerpt from one of our current embedded employees: Rita Hulsey.
“One of the great things about working on-site with a client is being able to understand all of the details in their sketches. Whether it be a new drawing or a drawing that has modifications on it (red-lines), if you are uncertain what the piece of equipment is, the client is right there to ask. This can be effective for both parties because it eliminates possible lost time while waiting for emails and confirmations.  A positive for being on-site for the client is being right there if they need a correction on a drawing or need a new drawing completed quickly. By being on-site I am readily available for anything that they need.  The client or their sub-contractor can concentrate on more important tasks while I am working on their CADD drawings. I also update their tracking spreadsheet for them. This gives them an accurate account of the drawings that have been completed.”