MAI’s Civil/Structural department offers cost effective solutions to a private, industrial, and municipal clients. Our design services have varied from new construction to modifications of existing structures to accommodate new uses. We can provide site development including grading, drainage, roads, paving, utilities, etc. We have provided design services for railroad tracks, spurs, switching, weigh scales, roads and bridges, reservoirs for storage and pumping, underground storage tanks and environmental protection systems, storm and sanitary sewers and disposal systems, effluent ponds, containment dikes, and bunkers. Our experience includes municipal master planning, hydraulic and hydrologic studies, streets, thoroughfares and access roads designs, site grading, pavement design for streets, parking lots, water storage and distribution systems design, storm and sanitary sewer collection systems studies, industrial waste collection system design, and storm water pollution prevention plans.

We have provided structural services in the certification of lifting beams/devices, design and certification of new and existing monorail systems, design of new working steel platforms, design of reinforced concrete foundations for building and heavy equipment, design and inspection of new buildings and building additions, design of concrete retaining walls and buttresses, and design of timber beams, columns and foundations. Our engineering services have included shallow/deep foundations, superstructures and industrial buildings, towers, flare stacks, and elevated equipment support, material storage structures (solids, liquids, gases), maintenance facilities, loading docks, modularization of process equipment, piping and lifting and transportation of modules, evaluation of existing structures, structural studies and reports, new and renovation building design, and seismic and force protection design.