Plug & Play – Skidding your way to plant updates

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Updating a plant process or installing a replacement tank can be complex, expensive and horribly inconvenient. That’s why, regardless of the overwhelmingly obvious need, many plant managers delay or avoid the upgrades they’d otherwise love to have.

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But what if the updating didn’t have to be as complex, expensive and difficult?

Today’s forward-thinking plant managers are increasingly turning to modular units or ‘skid systems’ for process performance additions, power systems, emergency back-up systems, and dozens of other applications.

While ‘flipping a switch’ might be a bit oversimplified, these convenient modular systems are as close to ‘plug and play’ as you can get. Designed and fabricated off-site, the skid is delivered to your plant and integrated into your existing process during a pre-planned short outage. The minimal installation time, expense, and trouble creates a cost effective solution while increasing performance.

Some of the functions that can be provided with a modular, skid-mounted system include:
 New, replacement, or increased performance heating/cooling exchangers
 Hydraulic power unit replacement/upgrades
 Replacement or new tank pumping and filtration systems
 Gas, liquid, or granular media control systems
 Back-up emergency system for a critical process
 Inefficient direct expansion refrigeration system replacements
 Gas and vapor compressor units
 Plant utility stations
 Your next process improvement!

The convenience and cost-effectiveness of modular skid systems make them an option that you must consider for your next plant upgrade or repair.

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