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In our last post we talked about the convenience and cost-effectiveness of modular skid systems for your plant upgrades. Here we’re going to look further into the ways in which they can be integrated into your existing plant facility.

Regardless of the process it provides, a skid system can be designed to fit your available space, even if it’s limited, and then precisely integrated into your existing process. If there is absolutely no space available inside the building, the module can be designed with enclosures and installed outside the plant. Enclosures can range from a simple roof covering, to rain tight, to completely sealed with positive pressure to keep out contaminates.

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At MAI, we always design the module using 3D modeling software
to ensure that the system will fit in the required space, allow sufficient access for maintenance, and connections are positioned to allow simple and easy plug in to your exiting plant process.

Skid systems can be designed with the control elements that suit your needs. Whether there are flow meters, temperature and pressure transmitters or control valves, virtually anything can be installed on a skid and made completely compatible with your in-plant control system. All control elements available in one panel box for ease of installation.

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Because they are shop-fabricated and not built in the field, modular skids have a much higher construction quality. They are fully welded from carbon or stainless steel and can be hot dip galvanized or painted to meet plant specifications. Piping systems are full cleaned and are pneumatically or hydrostatically shop tested. Welds can be certified and documented to meet stringent plant requirements.

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Prior to shipping, pre-startup requirements such as electrical and instrumentation systems testing and calibration can also be addressed. Pharmaceutical or food process piping systems can be cleaned and passivated. If it’s required, shop fabrication and testing can be witnessed and certified, ensuring that, upon installation, the system is ready for start-up.

There are so many advantages to the ‘plug and play’ convenience of a modular skid system that justification for the build-in-place approach is rapidly becoming difficult and dated.

If you’d like to take the next steps towards system analysis and component sizing so to ensure the process equipment meets or exceeds process requirements, MAI can help. Contact us today by clicking here or calling us at (812) 838-4000.